Monday, December 13, 2010


baru first day masok sem nie pown da depressed..adoyai, nak buek lagu maner weyh!!!
ngan results yang menjunam jatuh atau dalam istilah fizik, steep deceleration. 

but then, there is still light that Allah want to show me. just now i got a call from ossc n she said that there is a motivational counseling for me that i registered before. i'm so confused coz i can't remember when i regs. huhu, so funny. just imagine that once u r in a bad mood, n need some advice or motivation from other person, n puff! there it is. it's so magical. thanks too Allah!Alhamduliah. the program will be held in this sunday n the motivator is en. fazli yusuf. i searched who he is and he is the famous motivator that have written some book. plus the food n stationary is given. what else do i want. this is such a good opportunity for me n i definitely  won't let this go away..chaiyokk izzaty!!!


najahtul husna ramli said...


izzaty_angah said...

say wuteva u wanna say..

fie-fah said...

sabar e ty...kiter berussaha lagi baek agi

izzaty_angah said...

tanx pah..
gud to have u as my bestfriend..